Self Portraits (AKA portraiture practice)

The only way to improve at something is to do it. I can watch all the YouTube tip videos, read up about lighting and composition, search Instagram for inspiration... but ultimately it's about me getting out there and creating images. Since I'm moving into the portraiture space, I've been getting as much practice as I can. Kyla and I hiked Mt. Flora near Berthoud Pass and hit a lovely overlook. We took in the views of Mt. Evans, My. Bierstadt, Greys Peak, and Torreys Peak. I decided I couldn't leave without getting some portraiture in.

Berthoud Pass-7693.jpg
Berthoud Pass-7700.jpg
Berthoud Pass-7711.jpg

It's all a learning process, but the beauty of photography is you're never done. There's always another landscape to find, always different weather to shoot in, always different people to love and different stories to be told. I'm learning now and I'll always be learning. The most important thing is putting the work in.