Buena Vista & Crested Butte | Outdoors Photography

If you need any motivation to properly get out in nature, just read this article from REI's Adventure Journal. The 3 Day Effect says 3 days in nature can help reset your brain, leading to positive effects felt for a nice duration after your return to civilization. It's not just any vacation that does this, but specifically getting outside and unplugging.

I can confirm from my own experience that this is sooooooooo real. Just a couple weeks ago, I got a 3 night camping trip in on an extended weekend. I headed down to Buena Vista for a night before doing some photography work there the following day (stay tuned for that). After the stopover in BV, my partner and I headed to Crested Butte with our new dog in tow. Neither of us had ever been to the iconic mountain town, so we really enjoyed ourselves.

I felt in a bit of a creative rut at first. It was probably my brain resetting, because by our second day in Crested Butte I felt invigorated. I saw patterns and textures and possibilities for creative edits all around. I used both of my lenses, but 50 of the 70 favorites from the trip were with one. It hasn't left my camera since. I've picked out a large selection of images to share here, though you will see many of these on social media as well. I hope they tell the story of our first camping trip with our newest family member George. I hope they make you feel something like what I felt in the rain outside Crested Butte and watching a glorious sunset outside Buena Vista.

I encourage you to take your time looking through the images. In some, there are hidden details (like maybe a tent that is so so small) that I think really make the set better than my past work.

BV CB Camping Trip (14 of 50).jpg
BV CB Camping Trip (15 of 50).jpg
BV CB Camping Trip (29 of 50).jpg
BV CB Camping Trip (32 of 50).jpg
BV CB Camping Trip (38 of 50).jpg
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