Leah | Elk Meadow Adventure Session

I love introducing friends to new places. Not only do I get to share a place that I love with them, but I get to see it through their eyes. It helps me rediscover a love and appreciation for a place that I've experienced in the past. That's exactly what happened when I took my friend Leah out to Elk Meadow for a portrait session. Low lying clouds made for a moody shoot as Leah and I wondered through the meadow. Leah is and was stunning and I am thrilled with the images we made. Once we finished up, I asked her if she wanted to head down the road to see Echo Lake. A yes and a short drive later, we got above the clouds to see the effects of a temperature inversion in all directions! I've never seen such a dramatic inversion there, which I made sure to share. I'd hate for Leah to expect it every time after all!

Leah Elk Meadow-10.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-2.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-7.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-8.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-9.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-15.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-5.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-11.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-16.jpg
Leah Elk Meadow-8971.jpg