Max & Olivia | Guanella Pass Adventure Session

When I asked Max if him and his girlfriend would like to model for me, he jumped at the opportunity. All that we had to do was pick out a spot and a day. With them leaving the country on vacation later this month, we picked the first evening we could. Max had a climbing competition all morning and into the afternoon, but was committed to hustling to get to the shoot. 

Many of the high alpine mountain passes in Colorado close over the winter. Guanella Pass is one of them, but it recently opened all the way to the top. I'd been dying to get back up (and scout out a hiking trail for a triple 13er summit), so it was the first place on my mind. Max & Olivia trusted my judgement, so we were all set for sunset photoshoot!

With Max free of climbing chalk, we headed up into the mountains as the afternoon sun started to dip towards the horizon. We explored the summit area of Guanella Pass, walked through snow and mud in our sandals, and were treated to magical light when the sun finally disappeared. Max & Olivia were amazing to work with. I hope you enjoy browsing the photos as much as I enjoyed making them with this awesome young couple.

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Max & Olivia | Guanella Pass (62 of 62).jpg
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