what connor does


connor explores and embraces the outdoors every way that he can. he lives for rolling out of a sleeping bag and savoring that first sip of coffee while watching the sun rise. he loves the pumping in his chest as the exertion of hiking a mountain changes into the elation of reaching the summit. 

connor make moments happen and photographs them when they do. he sharse those moments and tells the stories of how they came to pass. a good photo is only made better by a good story. Connor seeks out and creates those stories.


Some people think every story has already been told, but I'd say they lack imagination, awareness, or both. The outdoors community is filled with the unheard and the under-heard. These people have found their place in the outdoors, whether that be a physical location, a mental state, or a community. Too often we focus on the gear and the brands, the hardest trail and the latest achievement. Too little do we celebrate the win for the person experiencing the outdoors as therapy or the person who's special spot will never be on a top 10 list. That's why I'm happy to pursue my next project telling these stories...

finding your place