What I Do


Framed Prints 

I want to share my love for the outdoors, whether that be photographing like minded people or decorating their homes. Landscapes are what drove me to pursue photography as an art form. My landscape photographs explore the shadows cast by the sun (and sometimes the moon) as time passes by. They contrast the textures of rock and sand with sky and trees.

The Mountains and Desert make me feel small. While physically imposing, that feeling is driven more by my studies as a geologist. It is hard to feel self important when on a mountain that has been crumbling for millions of years. I find it humbling and I seek out that feeling as often as I can. I hope my images can remind you of how small we all are on this Earth. 




I want to help others remember being dwarfed by the vastness of nature. I want to document their pre work adventure and their campground cuddles. I want them to feel as I do when I see those pictures in Capitol Reef, whether its their first time seeing the images or they're looking at them decades from now, whether its the background on their phone or hanging on their wall.